About Us

Because of the demand of better workforce in different business sectors and at all levels of operations of enterprises in Myanmar, Golden ICT Solutions Co., Ltd has been founded by experienced and successful Myanmar entrepreneurs and repatriates to offer high quality services that would enhance the skills of the existing employees and equip new job seekers with required knowledge and skills. The company also effectively and efficiently connects them with employers in Myanmar and abroad by utilizing the information and communication technologies and contributes to human resource development in the country by providing trainings in demand to existing employees and future ones and connecting them with the prospective employers.

The company employs personnel with high-tech skills, knowledge and utilizes latest technologies in offering our services which are very competitive in the market in terms of price, place, quality and quantity.

The company strives to build long term and sound relationship with investors to maximize the return of investment and profits for them.


Golden ICT Solution envisions being a leading service provider in employment industry in Myanmar and Southeast Asia, bridging the technical and cultural gaps between the employers and employees.


Our mission is to develop an efficient, affordable, low barrier and seamless connections between the prospective employers and job seekers by bridging them through latest technologies and non-technical tools and offering one-stop services that meet their requirements.

Core Values

  • Service-oriented
  • Reliability and trustworthy
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Professionalism and compassion
  • Commitment to facilitate and contribute to job-creation